Global Health Governance

The Scholarly Journal for the New Health Security Paradigm

Volume III, Issue 2: Spring 2010

Guest Editor: jeremy Youde

Jeremy Youde

Is There an International Duty to Protect Persons in the Event of an Epidemic?
Sara E. Davies

The Revised International Health Regulations: A Framework for Global Pandemic Response
Rebecca Katz and Julie Fischer

Indonesia, H5N1, and Global Health Diplomacy
Rachel Irwin

Look but Don’t Touch: Overemphasis on Surveillance in Analysis of Outbreak Response
Frank L. Smith

Governance Implications of Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance and Response as Global Public Goods
Josh Michaud

H1N1 Returns, Again: The Globalization, Re-conceptualization and Vaccination of “Swine Flu”
James Ricci

The North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza: A Case Study of Regional Health Security in the 21st Century
Donald Howard Avery

Confronting Global Pandemics: Lessons from China and the U.S.
Rachel D. Schwartz and Jonathan Schwartz

Control of Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB): Root Cause Analysis
Jennifer Prah Ruger

Other Research Articles
Converging Health Systems Frameworks: Towards A Concepts-to-Actions Roadmap for Health Systems Strengthening in Low and Middle Income Countries
George Shakarishvili, Rifat Atun, Peter Berman, William Hsiao, Craig Burgess, and Mary Ann Lansang

Civil Society Organizations and the Functions of Global Health Governance: What Role within Intergovernmental Organizations?
Kelley Lee

The Role of Economic Power in Influencing the Development of Global Health Governance
Richard D. Smith

Living Organ Transplantation Policy Transition in Asia: towards Adaptive Policy Changes
Alex He Jingwei, Allen Lai Yu-Hung, and Leong Ching

Book Reviews
Stefan Elbe. Virus Alert: Security, Governmentality, and the AIDS Pandemic. New York: Columbia University Press, 2009.
Marina Karbowski

Laura H. Kahn. Who’s In Charge: Leadership during Epidemics, Bioterror Attacks, and Other Public Health Crises. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Security International, 2009.
Michael Stevenson

ISSN 1939-2389